I was fortunate and happy to see Astro, aka Hiroshi Hasegawa, perform here in the Bay Area earlier this month, as part of the duo Astromero (with fellow noise master Damion Romero). Some may remember Hiroshi from his early days with the great C.C.C.C., after which he struck off on his own as Astro. Under that name he’s released a string of fabulous recordings all focusing on the use of analog synths.

Hiroshi was kind enough to pass on a copy of a semi-recent CD release, Galactic Desert Song — it’s a slightly different album from him, as it’s not noise. Instead, continuing to use analog synths, this CD follows in the footsteps of greats like Klaus Schulz and Conrad Schnitzler, with vast waves of space-age tones and science-fiction atmospheres.

The album’s just two long tracks, as befits this sort of material. It was the first release from the Light room label, started by a friend of Hiroshi’s. Unfortunately, Light room only released one other album (by the owner’s project, SynYo) before calling it quits. You’ll likely have to search hard or contact Astro directly to see about getting a copy. Contact Astro here for more information.

Listen to an excerpt from Galactic Desert Song


~ by masonoise on April 26, 2008.

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