Ememe Plague & Bloom

ememe is Hiroshi Nomura, who has self-released his debut CD, plague and bloom. At 27 minutes, this EP’s 7 tracks span a wide stylistic range, sometimes within the same song.

Nomura says that his “unique music” is “very new,” and that dividing the dark side from the bright side is “old style”. He’s trying to blend the two, creating songs that combine dark moods, noir-ish textures, and even industrial rhythms with shimmering synths, delicate atmospheres, and pseudo-operatic vocals. To be sure, it can be a surprising concoction, as in “until we believe”, which places pitch-shifted vocals over chattering rhythms and uplifting synths. “laundry bascket” is perhaps a better example, though, with lilting singing over an electronic backing that veers from friendly carnivalesque waverings to noisy intrusions.

The CD’s other songs include the gentle electronics of “raindrop”, which is actually a bit too gentle; the dramatic synthscapes and fraught vocals of “many kinds of happiness”; the brief filmic electronic chaos of “he is a juggler”; and the layered synths of “field of remains”, which closes the album with an almost church-like feeling.

Definitely an interesting collection of songs, with the best of them being those that take a very unusual approach to “pop” music, such as “laundry bascket”. While there are elements of a pop song there, from the singing to the rhythms, Nomura steers the song in a number of unexpected directions, which keeps it interesting. Certainly worth your while to check it out, so go to ememe’s home page to learn more and contact Nomura.

Listen to “laundry bascket” from plague and bloom.


~ by masonoise on April 26, 2008.

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