Kabemimi & Pitchshifters

A couple more items I discovered earlier this month while touring around. Kabe Mimi (“Wall Ears” literally) were a chance purchase. This EP, presumably their second since it’s titled “Kabe Mimi II”, has two pieces totalling just over 19 minutes. The first song is 6 minutes, the second one a lengthier 13, but both are similar, stretches of droning and buzzing electronics and ambient noises, not unlike the calmest moments of MSBR or some of Aube’s noisier material. Kabe Mimi were a trio for this 2004 recording, but other than knowing they’re based in Tokyo, no other information is provided. They had a track on the Tokyo Flashback 5 compilation from PSF, so hopefully we’ll be hearing more from them.

Listen to “Unmei no Tamago” (“Fate’s Egg”) by Kabe Mimi.

Pitchshifters are a weird one — I found a whole table full of CDRs by them at the Kichijoji Disk Union in Tokyo, and subsequent web searches have turned up a variety of releases as well, but I still don’t really know what their deal is. Someone’s an overachiever, in any case, because they have a ton of CDR releases. “Cheap drum machine” seems to be a frequent comment, and that’s true on this one, entitled Plutocrat, but that’s a put-down, just a comment on their modus operandi. Drum machine, cheap synths, buzzing sounds, samples, and more, this reminds me a little bit of a spacier Smersh (if anyone else remembers them), definitely weird and fun stuff. At times there’s a Negativland collage thing going on as well. If anyone knows more, let me know, since there’s no information at all in the CDR — I don’t even know if there are song titles, or whether this is one guy, or any contact info. But I’d like to learn more! I may have friends send me more of the CDRs in the meantime.

And naturally, don’t get this confused with the heavy industrial-rock band Pitchshifter from the UK…

Listen to “Track 17” by Pitchshifters.


~ by masonoise on April 26, 2008.

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