KBB & Jinmo

First up is KBB, whose Proof of Concept CD was released by our friends at Poseidon Records in conjunction with Musea in Europe. KBB is a prog foursome channeling some thing that lies between fusion and classical, thanks primarily to the combination of Akihisa Tsuboy’s violin and Toshimitsu Takahashi’s keyboards. Opening with the 10+ minute “Inner Flames” they show off some heavy prog technique, and Tsuboy’s violin resembles McLaughlin-esque guitar flurries. “Intermezzo,” on the flip side, is much more classical in nature, and “Rice Planting Song” sounds rather gypsy-influenced.

Listen to “Weigh Anchor” by KBB.

On a completely different planet entirely lies Jinmo, a crazy guitarist who’s created something of his own genre by combining mechanistic cybermusic with guitar licks of a speed that leaves Buckethead and everyone else in the dust. The Neo Tokyo picture disc, released by Koi Records, is a rather attractive bit of vinyl as well. The album is divided into 30 tracks, each under two minutes in length — which is wise, because more than two minutes of this at a time and your head might explode. Like Voivod on 78, this is pretty strong medicine.

Listen to “Neo Tokyo! 158” by Jinmo.


~ by masonoise on April 26, 2008.

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