LSD-March & New Rock Syndicate

Coming to a city near you in October…well, maybe near you. If you’re lucky, anyway. LSD March and New Rock Syndicate are doing a short tour together, playing some shows in California and around New York.

LSD March, hailing from Himeji, are a project by Michishita Shinsuke, guitar-vocalist-percussionist. Though the name comes from the Guru Guru song, LSD March cover territory from gentle voice and guitar to delay-drenched, searing walls of fuzz. In other words, it’s essential for those following the world of psychedelic rock. LSD March’s sound is a slow, melancholy ride through Velvets-esque dimness, laced with sudden launches into Rallizes-styled realms of heavy rock. The easiest album to find is probably Suddenly, like flames from Last Visible Dog, with some limited discs also released recently by Archive Recordings.

Listen to “Yellow Sea” from Live

New Rock Syndicate won’t be known — yet — by most, since it’s a brand-new unit. Leader and guitar monster Kawaguchi Masami, though, should be recognized from his work with Miminokoto, the aforementioned LSD March, and Broomdusters, among others. Not to mention his solo work. Having brought Miminokoto to an end, New Rock Syndicate rises, with bassist Akira Kikuchi and drummer Nao Shibata (Hijokaidan, Doodles) filling out the trio. A new self-titled CDR, from Kawaguchi’s Purifiva label, contains the first five songs from the band, and they’re monsters. The project’s name doesn’t lie: while there are slower, shadowy dreams, much of the disc is heavy riffage in a Blue Cheer-meets-Rallizes-cum-Nuggets-style fuzz zone. Nice work.

Listen to “Melt” from New Rock Syndicate


~ by masonoise on April 26, 2008.

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