Machine Gun TV

It’s been a number of years since I’ve gotten new material from Machine Gun TV, who have been operating rather under the radar since they first emerged. Years ago they came over and did a short tour of the U.S. with Coa, following a release from the esteemed Japan Overseas label. Their show was great, but they seemingly didn’t have an overall positive touring experience, and haven’t done it again since. Now they’ve finally got a new album available in the U.S., though it’s actually more of an EP. Go, released by Public Eyesore, totals 23 minutes in length, with five songs, and the final track, a 12-minute untitled soundscape, occupies half of that.

Jun Masumizu and Hidekazu Miyano have a pretty unique style, mixing programmed rhythms and low-fi noises with an unabashed pop feel. Jun’s vocals give the songs a large part of their approachability, despite the scary sounds and electronic fuzz and flail that abounds. “Friends” is perhaps the closest thing to a pop song on here — but it still wouldn’t be called “pop” by most listeners, I’m sure. “D4” tosses in sweeping low-end roar and squealing sounds like bombs dropping, but still has a pleasant core underneath.

The untitled soundscape at the end is unlike the other tracks, being a 12-minute noise excursion — a good one. It’s not harsh noise, so don’t go expecting Solmania or anything, but if you’re a fan of the mellower side of Merzbow or slowly-churning noisescapes, you’ll find this one to be well done.

It’s all cool stuff, and it’s hard to imagine college radio folks not wanting to give some of this a spin. Hopefully we’ll see and hear more from Machine Gun TV in the near future.

Listen to “M” from Go.


~ by masonoise on April 26, 2008.

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