I haven’t seen as much word about this one as I might expect, so I thought I’d write up a brief entry to make sure that people know it exists. Because it’s a really good one that shouldn’t get lost in the shuffle.

Another Kawabata Makoto (Acid Mothers Temple) side project, this seems as though it will turn out to be a one-off, but we’ll see. Along with Kawabata’s guitar, this 5-piece includes guitarist Miyashita Keiichi, bassist Enomoto Takayuki, drummer Watanabe Yasuyuki, and Higashi Hiroshi (Acid Mothers Temple) on electronics. I’m not too familiar with some of these members, though I believe Watanabe is also the drummer for Marble Sheep, among others. Miyashita plays with Damo Suzuki, and Miyashita, Enomoto, and Watanabe are members of Mandog (hence the Godman moniker for this one).

For this album, the quintet offer just two tracks, but each is 20+ minutes in length, pure psych-space-freakout stuff that hits some excellent grooves. If you’re looking for something channeling the most out-there, heavy krautrock and psych, you should certain check this out. It was released by Kawabatas Acid Mothers Temple label, distributed by the fine folks at Eclipse Records. Also see and for more.

Listen to an excerpt from “God>><<Dog”


~ by masonoise on April 26, 2008.

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