Miminokoto It will be New Miminokoto

It was a shame when Miminokoto stopped playing a year or two ago, but now we can all be pleased that it’s resulted in two joys for the price of one. Guitarist Kawaguchi has his New Rock Syndicate, and now drummer Koji Shimura (known to many as well for his participation in groups like Acid Mothers Temple and Mainliner) continues Miminokoto. It’s unclear whether this is in fact the new Miminokoto, but since that’s what the title says, we’ll assume as much.

So here Shimura is joined by guitarist-about-town Suzuki Junzo, about whom I’ve written previously. Thankfully, Suzuki’s profile seems to be getting higher, because he’s a fantastic player with a fine emotional sense to him.

This short CDR EP, which seems to be sold out but may still be available if you do some hunting, offers five songs — two of them written by the late Jutoku Kaneko of Kousokuya. Those two songs are quite effecting, both on their own and due to the added gravitas of Kaneko’s recent passing, which has affected the Tokyo scene just as strongly as one might imagine. The three originals by Junzo and Koji are also terrific, in a similar vein to previous Miminokoto outings but with a rougher, more devil-may-care feeling. Junzo’s playing fits perfectly, even while bringing a different sensibility to the Miminokoto style. I really hope that we’ll be hearing and seeing more from this new configuration of Miminokoto — soon.

Listen to “1-3-5” by Miminokoto.


~ by masonoise on April 26, 2008.

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