I got this sample CDR a little while ago and then it got misplaced, which is quite a shame because it’s really cool stuff. Thankfully it was found again, so here goes. I’m guessing that Mutyumu are from Kansai, only because this CD has been released by the terrific Osaka-based label Gyuune, home of many other great bands from Doodles to the early stuff from Mady Gula Blue Heaven (Cotton Casino’s, ex-Acid Mothers Temple, original band).

Anyway, Mutyumu are a six-person group whose web site describes them as a “funeral classical band,” an interesting concept. How else to describe a group that somehow fuses chamber music, death metal, Dead Can Dance, and Godspeed You Black Emperor-style drama into their songs? The twelve tracks here range from a delicate piano intro, a heavy keys-drums-guitar fuzz piece, rock-metal-violin opera, and more. Vocalist Hachisunoit can sound like a demon or an angel, and the music supports whichever role she takes on.

Well worth tracking down, the self-titled album was released last October. Gyuune’s releases can be hard to find outside Japan, but you’ll be glad you did if the idea of chamber-epic-rock appeals to you.

Visit the band at, which also has a link to their myspace page with more songs.

Listen to “Hakugoku no Yume” from Mutyumu.


~ by masonoise on April 26, 2008.

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