Out of the Unknown & Moxa Delta

Out of the Unknown’s Narcotic Structure Prototype ep demo CDR is, simply speaking, some excellent stuff! Sixteen minutes divided into six tracks, they pretty much flow together as they’re exploring similar territory. Flowing digital textures, electronic sounds, and looping guitar form a beautifully hypnotic quilt of sound. Drums quietly start to insinuate themselves, until a blast of distortion clears the way for a steady motorik beat, violin saws away over the repeating guitar notes, and it all steams its way through a varied tapestry of looping, jamming, and plucking that’s totally satisfying. None of the tracks are named, but I’ve included the brief second piece below.

The band consists of Arita Norimasa (guitar, bass, violin and ‘harmonic structure’) and Kikuchi Yoshihiro (drums, ‘latent pulses’ and ‘structural rhythm’ as well as the gorgeous artwork). Contact them at mailtounknown [at] yahoo.co.jp if this sounds enticing — which it should.

Listen to Track 2 by Out of the Unknown.

Totally on the flip side, here’s the WTF? that calls itself Moxa Delta. Packaged in an interesting but crude paper foldout, their 18-minute CDR practically epitomizes DIY, low-fi madness. The cheapest drum machines imaginable propel “delta rock boogie” along slowly as weird metallic-sounding samples chime and delay; “I (heart) N.Y.” blasts a distorted kick-snare beat with cheap-ass guitar as the vocalist intones “I love New York”; “ufu-fu” is barely there, just occasional delayed vocals chanting the title with a drum machine beat every once in a while and some quiet tinkling, tapping percussion; “Black Jabbath” bounces along with simple drum machine and noisy guitar strum; and so it goes.

It’s pretty entertaining, and in some ways represents a cool “whatever” attitude while not exactly rejecting the idea of making cool sounds too. It’s not a middle finger to the listener, but there’s certainly an ironic kind of attitude involved. It might also be that I’m thinking about it altogether too hard. Contact the band (band? person? who knows) at http://sound.jp/moxa_delta.

Listen to “Black Jabbath” by Moxa Delta.


~ by masonoise on April 26, 2008.

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