Overhang Party Live Before and After

Overhang Party \

Catching up on things that I’ve had awaiting a writeup… There’s this stellar double-CD of live recordings from the formidable Overhang Party, released by Musik Atlach. With 10 songs, 5 on each disc, these pieces from 2004-2006 see leader Fukuoka Rinji with two different lineups and, hence sound to some extent. The first disc is with second guitarist Suzuki Junzo, Sachiko on bass, and Akiyama Kimiyasu on drums. The second disc has Sachiko adding occasional violin, with the second guitar role filled by Yamanouchi Akira and drums from Yamazaki Iwao.

Both discs are filled with long psychedelic excursions, of course, but the second has a more shambling, atmospheric feel perhaps — including the closer “Prayer of a Fool”, over 20 minutes of drone voyaging. Fans of things psych will find a lot to like throughout: those with a more rockist bent may prefer the first disc, while those preferring a zoneout will go for the second. I’m happy to have both available.

Visit Overhang Party on MySpace and Musik Atlach for more information.

Listen: Tokyo Zero-Fighter


~ by masonoise on April 26, 2008.

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