Shuta Hasunuma s/t

Shuta Hasunuma’s debut album is an unusual combination of mysterious yet friendly, blending field recordings, cracked electronics, and natural instruments into small song fragments. Apparently Hasunuma’s studies of environmental science led to his interest in combinations that set the artificial against the natural, neither one emerging the victor.

Some of these songs are melancholy, some are fragile little constructions, while others are whimsical. Some feel more like complete songs, some are simply offerings of sound. “Morning Fanfare” is a good example of the former; while minimal, its blend of simple guitar strums, recorded birdsong, and blips of electronics are extremely simple, but effective in creating a fragile mood. As an example of Hasunuma’s whimsical side, the whistles and piano clinks of “Long Road Home” make for a fun little voyage.

The album may be too abstract for some, and you’ll have to be in the right mood to concentrate on it; otherwise it may fade into background sound. But even then, it will occasionally grab your attention with a particularly puzzling or pleasing moment. Try it loud on a sunny afternoon or quietly late some evening, and trance out to its quirky sounds.

Listen to “Long Road Home” from Shuta Hasunuma


~ by masonoise on April 26, 2008.

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