Suishou no Fune Writhing Underground Flowers

Just released by New Mexico’s Lotus Sound label, Suishou no Fune have a new album out, Writhing Underground Flowers. Packaged in a really swank heavy cardboard sleeve like a mini-gatefold, this time the group is pared back to the core duo of Pirako and Kageo. With no drummer, we get three extended drone tracks based around their ultra-heavy guitars and Pirako’s intermittent vocals. As before, her vocals are more like an additional instrument than voice, blending into the overall reverb-drenched atmosphere.

The biggest surprise here is the harmonica, which Pirako adds into the mix during the middle song, “A Midnight Ode – Like The Wind” to surreal, tripped-out effect. With Kageo contributing bursts of guitar scrape and blare, the harmonica mixes into things in an unexpected way, like a drunk bluesman trapped in a Fushitsusha song: if he keeps on playing, maybe it’ll turn out okay. And of course it does.

Three long songs, totaling to an hour of dark, droning, cavernous guitar bliss.

Listen to an excerpt from “In the MoonLight” by Suishou no Fune.


~ by masonoise on April 26, 2008.

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