Suishou no Fune

Suishou no Fune aren’t as well known here in the U.S. as some of their peers, such as up-Tight, Miminokoto, or even LSD-March, but that’s likely to change now. Holy Mountain have released the band’s first U.S. album, “Where the Spirits Are”, and it’s as fine a collection of sprawling, shadow-infused, eerily cathartic psychedelic rock as you could desire. The dual-guitar plus drums trio aren’t in any hurry on these songs, which build ever so slowly from quiet hum to torrents of guitar and wailing vocals. If comparisons must be made, Suishou no Fune mine similar territory to Fushitsusha’s calmest moments and Mono’s slower elements. Guitarists Pirako and Kage play through multiple amps, but while loud they concentrate less on volume and more on texture, filling every moment with sound. Drummer Tail isn’t present on every track, and when he is the drums help propel things but never take over.

I was fortunate to play a show with Suishou no Fune in Hamamatsu last December, and they filled the tiny club with huge walls of dark sound, simultaneously melancholy yet upliftingly beautiful. The club’s walls were covered with posters and albums of both the Velvet Underground and Rallizes Denudes, and Suishou no Fune’s music fit in perfectly.

I’m happy to say that Suishou no Fune plan their first U.S. tour this October, hitting selected cities on the West Coast and New England, as well as Chicago. Watch here for tour dates when things are settled.

Listen to “Your tears drop from the sky” from “Where the Spirits Are”


~ by masonoise on April 26, 2008.

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