Suzuki Junzo (& Astro)

Tokyo-based guitarist Suzuki Junzo isn’t a very well-known name yet here in the U.S., but I’d hope that’s on the verge of changing. Through his own Plunk’s Plan label he’s self-released a number of CDRs. That includes the November.10.2001 album, which I got from him earlier this year. Recorded live at Tokyo’s Penguin House, it’s a deep, cavernous journey through damaged blues and stark emotional territory that certainly brings to mind folks like Loren Mazzacane Connors among others. It’s a man alone with his voice and his guitar, working things out in sound for himself and his audience.

Suzuki has collaborated with a wide range of other musicians and bands, including Makoto Kawabata (Acid Mother’s Temple), Overhang Party, Mitsuru Tabata (Zeni Geva, Amazon Saliva), Koji Shimura (Miminokoto, Acid Mother’s Temple, etc), Astral Travelling Unity, Nasca Car, and more. In March I got a copy of the amazing Astro & Suzuki Junzo Cosmic Blues Experience CD, packaged in a gorgeous DVD case with entirely psychedelic cover art. Recorded toward the end of 2006, the CD is three long tracks of utterly brain-swelling psychedelic drone and churn, fantastic stuff and highly recommended.

Listen to “Sorekuraino” from November.10.2001.

Listen to an excerpt from “Galactic Joy” from Cosmic Blues Experience.


~ by masonoise on April 26, 2008.

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