The latest in the continuing posts of many many things I picked up earlier this month. Telekov’s “e.p.” came from either Disk Union or Enban in Tokyo; I forget which. The five songs, 21 minutes, cover a weird range of “alternative” sounds, whatever that might mean. “Just Say Pretty” is an odd and interesting conglomeration of skittery guitar, piano, and jerky drums; “Telekov Rap” is what it says, and oddly enough the “rap” is in English. Not the high point on the EP, let’s say. “P&G” is crude pop with simple drums and guitar, and vocals that veer from sort-of spoken on the verses to a nicely-done sung chorus. “Junk Food” is a sharp, jittering guitar-drum song that made me think of an instrumental Fall; and “I.A.P.F.P.” goes from a weird navel-gazing pop strum to a berserk vocal breakdown and back again. Hard to know what to make of it. Fun, weird stuff. No info other than titles here so I can’t tell you who’s in it or how many people are involved. Check out the label website at, though there isn’t really any info there either.

Listen to “Just Say Pretty” by Telekov.


~ by masonoise on April 26, 2008.

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