The Warm – update

I wrote previously about The Warm, with whom I played an enjoyable show a few years back. I’m happy to be able to report that they’re still active and in fact have recent 7″ and CD releases from the punk-focused Fine Tuning label in Japan. I got a CDR of The Warm’s self-titled CD, which is short at 5 tracks but good stuff. They continue their unusual synth-led punk rock, like Suicide at 78rpm. Check out The Warm’s web site for tour info.

Fine Tuning has some other bands as well, of course, including We Are!, whose Holidayland CD is out this month, with some pretty tuneful pop-punk. Then there’s Discotortion, whose Damn CD is hard-hitting heavy punk, a little bit more my style I must admit. People into the old Howling Bull label, or bands like Volume Dealers, should be sure to given a listen. And definitely check out Fine Tuning if you’re into new punk stuff.

Listen to “S.H.” by The Warm

Listen to “Bad Race” by Discotortion


~ by masonoise on April 26, 2008.

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