The Warm

A couple of years ago I played a nice show at Shinjuku D.O.M. in Tokyo, with my friends in Gaji and Kirihito. The other opening band was a pleasant surprise. Called The Warm, they were an unusual trio: a drummer, and two keyboard players, a man and a woman.

The man was sort of the lead player (and singer), the woman rhythm. As their demo indicated, the man was Hata, playing a Roland SH-101. The woman, Waka, played a Roland Juno-106, while the drummer was Nobu. It was cool stuff that reminded me a bit of Suicide, but with an evolved punk sort of style, too.

They had a couple of CDR EPs with them, which I naturally bought, but their website went away and I hadn’t found anything else about them. Thankfully, the band is in fact still together, with a new web site. More importantly, they have a new CD and 7″ from the Fine Tuning label. I haven’t picked those up yet, but I’ll report back.

The Warm have been playing a fair amount, and even did a tour of the Netherlands, of all places, last year. Would’ve liked to see that, especially the shows with Green Milk from the Planet Orange and 54-71.

So, check out this tune from their demo CDR, and visit their web site for more information and to mail order their music!

Listen: Ai to Gensou


~ by masonoise on April 26, 2008.

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