U-ni Samadhi

Got some of the latest releases from Poseidon Records, and the one that made an immediate impression was Samadhi, by U-ni (from the Vital Records offshoot of Poseidon). The four tracks here are all extended guitar-focused voyages, totalling to 42 minutes. U-ni is Tatsuhiro Honmura, and here he plays guitar and bass through layers of delay. It made me think of A.R. & Machines to some extent, using delays to establish rhythms and riffs over which additional guitar and bass lines are placed. There’s also an obvious King Crimson connection (middle-era). “Akasatana (Remake)” opens with nearly six minutes of chugging bass pulse and crystal-clear guitar notes chiming in looping cadence; “Perception” is slower, with some nicely fuzzed guitar leads before it drops into cascading delayed guitar notes. “Samadhi” plies somewhat more ordinary routes, with a nice loping drum rhythm to it, and skilled, soaring leads. “Nirvana” finishes the album with a 20-minute epic, looping riffs and buzzing synths over a steady thumping beat, very space-bound.

If you’re into spacey krautrock like the aforementioned A.R. & Machines, or guitar-based prog that’s on the psych side, you should probably check this out. I’ll definitely look forward to more from U-ni.

Listen to “Akasatana” from Samadhi.


~ by masonoise on April 26, 2008.

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