UFO or Die

I’m (very) slowly but surely converting some of my old cassettes to digital form, so I can have mp3s available to listen to — and sort of as a backup, though I know the tapes will likely outlive any digital files. I’ve started with a bunch of old live tapes, because they’re possibly irreplaceable. One that I just converted is an old live recording by UFO or Die, an 80s “No Wave” style band with EYE and Yoshimi from the Boredoms. Originally called Hasty Snail Baby, the band included Yoshikawa (also from Boredoms, and Grind Orchestra) before the name changed and Yoshikawa was replaced by bassist Katsumi (Omoide Hatoba). A bit later, Katsumi was replaced by Naoto Hayashi of Leningrad Blues Machine. I’m not sure about dates on all that, so I don’t know who was playing bass at the show at which this recording was made.

Pictures of UFO or Die are amazingly hard to come by, but this one will do.

I got this recording years back while staying in Osaka with a friend. His wife had recorded a lot of great shows in the late 80s, some to cassette and some on video. Seeing the collection, I went out and bought some blank tapes, and spent a long evening duping things, including this one. It’s rough, of course, but that doesn’t make it less enjoyable in this case!

This was recorded on September 30, 1988 at Kyoto’s Donzoko House. I’ve come across a few shows recorded there, but I don’t know anything about the place except that it’s no longer there. Anyone out there have more info? I’m curious.

Listen to UFO or Die Live in 1988


~ by masonoise on April 26, 2008.

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