Yolz in the Sky & Cudda-Chicku-Lelo

Some time back I wrote about the band Yolz in the Sky in a post on Dusted, and mentioned that they were working on a new album. I was fortunate to receive a pre-release copy of it, and it’s as good as I might have hoped. The band really channel a No Wave sensibility that blends Teenage Jesus with a bit of Melt-Banana and perhaps in a more contemporary comparison, Pretty Girls Make Graves — but accelerated far past their limits. Fast, churning rhythms, jagged guitar and yelping vocals that won’t take no for an answer…great stuff. They’re playing South by Southwest shortly, so if you’re headed down there don’t miss the chance to see them live. I haven’t been so lucky yet but I’ll bet it’s a helluva good time. I don’t have an album title or song titles yet, but here’s the first track:

Listen to track one from Yolz in the Sky’s new album

In the same package, they sent a copy of a 2005 CD entitled Berzerk by the oddly-named Cudda-Chiku-Lelo, who are a Kansai trio releasing a split EP soon with Yolz, apparently. This album’s full of great guitar-led insanity, crashing drums, and vocal shouts. It’s definitely Boredoms-influenced, but the band has their own way of going about things, particularly when it comes to the dueling guitars. Hopefully we’ll be hearing more from this band, and I’m sorry it’s taken til now to come across this album!

Listen to “Casual Approach” from Cudda-Chiku-Lelo’s Berzerk.


~ by masonoise on April 26, 2008.

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