Sodom “TV Murder”

Sodom \

Back in the 1980s, perhaps the most consistently challenging and intriguing label in Japan was Trans Records. I’m not entirely sure how many albums the label released, but nearly every one that I have, some of which were thankfully re-issued in the 90s by the follow-up label SSE, is excellent. Sodom’s TV Murder was the second LP released by Trans, in 1985, and is a fantastic blend of punk-industrial, with tribal elements amidst its factory-floor ambience. I have no idea whether any of the members went on to do anything else. The credits list Zazie (vocals), Konan (keyboard & guitar), Hayato (drums), and Bara (bass), with producer M. Kitamura, the head of the label (also member of the great YBO2 and later founder of the SSE label).

Listen: “TV Murder”


~ by masonoise on April 27, 2008.

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