Courtis/Yamamoto/Yoshimi “Live at Kanadian”

Courtis/Yamamoto/Yoshimi \

Quite a supergroup of sorts, this one-off performance at restaurant/live house Kanadian in Osaka must have been a packed house. I’ve been to Kanadian once or twice over the years — it’s a cozy Indian-style restaurant that was at one time managed by Grind Orchestra (and ex-Boredoms) singer Yoshikawa. I’m not sure if it still is. In any case, Anla Courtis may be familiar to many as formerly being in Brazil’s Reynols, while the others likely need no introduction to readers of this blog: Yoshimi of Boredoms and OOIOO, and Seiichi Yamamoto of Omoide Hatoba, Rovo, and many others (and, yes, ex-Boredoms but I think he’s pretty tired of still being associated with a group he left a decade ago).

Here, we get four long pieces with the various permutations of the trio: Courtis & Yamamoto, Courtis & Yoshimi, Yoshimi & Yamamoto, and then a longer 26-minute excursion with all three of them. The proceedings throughout range from dizzying free-twisted sounds to occasional drone dreamscapes. Little of it is easy listening, and it will generally appeal to fans of the freest playing. It’s not noise, it’s more something like audio surrealism. The first track is most abstract, the second somewhat
dreamy, the third the jazziest in a strange way, and the fourth somewhat hits all of the above during its extended length.

Listen: Live at Kanadian Track 4 (excerpt)


~ by masonoise on April 29, 2008.

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