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After I reviewed a previous CD from Hiroshi Nomura, aka ememe, I was pleased to receive another package from him. It’s been a shamefully long time since then, but better late than never to spread the word about this uncategorizable artist. There’s no doubt that this won’t be too everyone’s liking, but it’s unique and quirky, and will certainly catch the ears of some.

This was released as a vinyl LP, because as Hiroshi says: “…record shops give audition services to the customers.” CD stores don’t always, but apparently most vinyl shops in Japan will let you give a spin to anything in order to preview it. Interesting.

Hiroshi has dubbed this music “rap house” which doesn’t, to me, quite fit the sound but then again I’m not sure what does. I suppose there are vocals that might be called rapping at times, and there’s lots of weird electronics, but it doesn’t sound housey to me. Who knows, though, just check out the track and see what you think. The song, and the album, are both called “i write great novels too” (ememe is a strictly lower-case artist) because “In fact I write novels in Japanese. And in the skit of this record, I advertise my novels to get a publishing company. But the lyrics are meaningless and have no relation to the contents of my novels and my literary talent…Please just enjoy the music.”

So there you go. Visit Gaiahood Records for more information.

Listen: “i write great novels too”


~ by masonoise on May 2, 2008.

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