Out to Lunch “Junk Scrap Dust”

No cover this time, because I haven’t scanned it in from this cassette, but it’s not a very distinguished cover anyway so… A few years back (unfortunately I don’t remember precisely when) I picked up this cassette at a Tokyo store, because the title Junk Scrap Dust seemed pretty promising. The band name Out to Lunch sounded a bit punk rock, but the title made me think that maybe something else was going on. And indeed, once I opened the insert the only information there was the song titles and a list of the instruments: Bass, Keyboards, and Drums. And the music was pretty rough and avant. Side A contained two long tracks, while side B was “Bonus Tracks” according to the insert and had the three title songs, much more obscure and abstract than the primary songs on the first side.

The keyboards veer from organ-like textures to what seem to be samples of everything from metallic crunches to airplane crashes…who knows. The drums can break down into freeform destruction, and the bass just kind of fills in the blanks. It’s fun stuff, but I’ve never found more information about the band since then. Anyone with info, get in touch!

In the meantime, here’s the first song — enjoy.

Listen to “Dokonimonai” by Out to Lunch.

~ by masonoise on July 21, 2008.

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