Kamisama CD-R

Finally I’m getting a little chance to begin posting some of the CDs and CD-Rs I picked up during my recent tour in Japan. They’ll be coming in a somewhat random order, along with posts about the shows we played and bands we played with.

The first one off the random stack is a brief 12-minute CD-R by the duo Kamisama (might translate it as “Mr. God” to be clever?). It’s composed of several shorter segments, but presented as one long track on the CD-R. There’s certainly more than a bit of early Boredoms worship going on here. Smashing drums, frenzied shouting, and random guitar emissions rule the day, all recorded with needle-in-the-red lo fi energy. And after all, the contact email address on their MySpace page is “noiseramones” so that tells all.

But this is pretty fun stuff taken on its own, certainly. Guitarist Jun and drummer Eri have a quirky sense of humor, and it shows through. Some listeners will find this to be charmingly free-form chaos-rock, while others will find it annoying unstructured — you probably know already which side you fall on.

Contact Kamisama at their MySpace page and say hello.

Listen to an excerpt from “We Are Kamisama”.


~ by masonoise on September 11, 2008.

One Response to “Kamisama CD-R”

  1. Hi, my name is Kenji Chika. Kamisama Eri asked me to translate your comments. I’m going to meet them today and give it to them.
    I also like 80’s-90’s Japanese underground music such as YBO2, Sodom (I think TV Murder is the best album of them), Kuroyurishimai you mentioned.

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