The two-track demo CD-R from Drumno is certainly an interesting one. I can’t even be 100% positive about the band name: though their web site uses Drumno, CDDB brought up data when I put the CD-R in my computer calling it “D.N.O.” So who knows. The demo comes in a slickly-designed color sleeve, and their web site is totally pro: check it out.

Anyway, the group appears to be three drummers, whose setups are diagrammed in schematics on the sleeve. The two songs, titled “Ninja” and “Lush”, are both around the five-minute mark, and veer from fast jazz grooves to breakbeats and tribal embellishments. To their credit, it doesn’t sound like three drummers — there’s plenty of space left, and nobody seems to feel the need to constantly fill in the gaps. Nicely-positioned snare rolls, cymbal splashes, and bells adorn the steady rhythms and signal changes.

Check out the videos on their web site, and get in touch to get a copy of the CD-R if you’re at all into drums and rhythm. Nicely-done work.

Listen to “Ninja”.


~ by masonoise on September 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “Drumno”

  1. hi,
    i would really like to grab a copy of this. I emailed the band themselves (in Jap and English) but I haven’t heard back.
    please email me

  2. It reminds me the best times of ROVO, nice indeed.

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