Ghostyard CD-R

I picked up Ghostyard’s CD-R at the Enban store in Koenji (where I got a lot of the CD-Rs during my trip). The name and cover were intriguing, and the fact that the last three tracks were called “Alien Psychedelic Blues Jams” 1-3 sealed the deal. Can’t really lose with that, and a lineup that’s just two guitarists, Susumu Ishimi and Nagomi Miyazaki.

And indeed, the contents here are pretty cool, sort of desolate, bluesy drone-psych. “Ghost Orchestra” grows from a thin, awkward and abstract opening through distorted leads and a tremoloed soundscape into dense, noisy Skullflowerish grime, a steadily more harrowing journey during its 9 minutes. The three aforementioned jams are each over 11 minutes long, and cover the gamut from spluttering distortion, chiming harmonics and distant churn, fuzzed-out leads, and quiet droning. “Mugendai no Genkaku” is a bit baffling since it includes drums yet nobody’s credited for playing them, but it’s cool anyhow.

Mostly mellow but with a fair amount of fuzz and distortion at times, this should be good for those into the psych side of things as well as the post-rock vein and ambient drone. Check out the song below, and visit their MySpace.

Listen to “de E More”.


~ by masonoise on September 17, 2008.

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