Boredoms Boretronix 2


I was lucky back in the day to grab the second and third of the Boretronix cassettes by, of course, our faves the Boredoms. I’ve never even seen a copy of the first one, and I’m not entirely convinced it exists. Who knows. After all, EYE is the guy who went into a CD karaoke joint, did a crazed version of “Born to Run,” and then took the single-copy CDR down to the record store and sold it so he’d have lunch money. Story goes that some huge Boredoms fan bought it for $100 the same day.

Anyway, the Boretronix cassettes consist of live and studio outtakes that EYE took and edited, crudely. They sound like just cassette-deck splicing, which is probably how they were done back then. Obviously it’s fun stuff, even with recording quality that varies from sludgy to just-adequate. This is from 1989, and it mostly resembles their Soul Discharge period, veering from tribal punk to Hawaiian scum rock. I’ve heard rumors from time to time about proper CD reissues of these, but I suspect it may never happen. Years ago I tried to get them to let me do them on Charnel, but they were too busy concentrating on new albums and dealing with Warner Bros to get permission was too much of a hassle, I think.

I’ve excerpted a good 8-minute chunk here from side B. Listen to the excerpt.


~ by masonoise on February 4, 2009.

3 Responses to “Boredoms Boretronix 2

  1. It was “Born to Be Wild”

  2. Ah, you’re right! Thanks, my brain slipped there.


    Boretronix 1

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