Quick Dick Soup Show-ten Ryokou


The hilariously-named Quick Dick Soup aren’t quite what one might expect. I got a CDR from them in the mail quite a long time ago, and figured it would be by-the-book hardcore; an impression based purely on the name, the song titles, and the photo of the band. But this Osaka band actually put together a pretty unique blend of punk, prog, and generally imaginative heavy rock. The opener “Powder” includes some pretty trippy time changes and smoothly-flowing guitar work. Singer 884n (yeah, that’s really what he calls himself) sings in his own language, a twisty sequence of sounds that goes in and around the song rhythms very nicely. As their promo sheet says, “It’s not any country’s language, only his language. When he sings, it looks like a possessed prayer by Asian gods.”

The album goes by in a bit over half an hour, going through a really enjoyable series of songs that sometimes remind me of DemiSemiQuaver, but with more of a hardcore origin. Then they’ll go into a vaguely funk break, but with heavy power chords, then the guitar will get spacey, and then something else. If you’re into eclectic, well-played heavy stuff, definitely check them out.

The band came together in 1996, and went through a lot of lineup changes over the years. This album was recorded in 2001, and from what I can tell that was about it for the band, though it’s a little hard to tell. The last live show I came across was in 2003. If anyone knows more, let us know in the comments.

There’s a web site still up that provides mp3s of the whole album, so instead of putting an mp3 here I’ll just link to the site: go here.


~ by masonoise on February 11, 2009.

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