Psychedelic Crazy Horse cassette


I picked up this tape at Modern Music many years ago, and as part of my ongoing cassette->mp3 conversion effort I got it transferred the other day. This is pretty wacky stuff, sort of mutant psych-jazz-jams. Not a lot of information included beyond the song titles and the lineup: Ishii Yoji (guitar and alto sax), Takahata Shingo (1 string-slide bass), and Gulliber Non (drums). Not sure what’s up with Non’s name, which must be an alias, or Shingo’s 1-string bass, but if that’s true he does a pretty solid job of making do with a single string. Yoji’s guitar is the main focus here, with weirdly sloppy yet always in-place distorted riffage. There’s some sort of jazzy influence going on with song titles like “Ronnald Shannon Jackson” (sic) and “Inharmonic Boogie is Harmolodic”. The band has tracks on some installment’s of PSF’s Tokyo Flashback series of compilations so they appear to have still been active at least a few years ago; I haven’t heard anything about them more recently than that, however.

Here’s a track from side A of the tape: Listen to “Arena for Miles”.


~ by masonoise on February 27, 2009.

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