Fumio Kosakai “The Warm Garden”


Best known for his participation in the Incapacitants with partner T. Mikawa, Kosakai has been a presence in the noise and experimental underground scene in Tokyo for many years. He’s also been one of the crazy guys in Bustmonsters, a member of C.C.C.C., appeared live with Hijokaidan, and much more. Some of his fascinating work is on the more drone-experimental side of things than noise, including the great Gu-N CD (with fellow C.C.C.C. member Nagakubo and the profilic Ikuro Takahashi among others) and superb …Of Dogstarman CD (also with Takahashi). This cassette is one of his earliest works, released in 1992 or 1993 (depending on where you look) on the Anciant Records (sic) label. I’m pretty sure Anciant is Kosakai’s own label, but I’ve never asked about that. This was release #2 from the label, the first being his Earth Calling cassette from several years earlier.

Using electronics, Casio-tone, metals and violin, this is a magnificent drone, not far afield from some of Organum’s work, but with a different dark atmosphere. Two side-long works, the title piece is a bit calmer while “Violin Traveler” gets somewhat more edgy, I suppose. Both are excellent night-time listens. I’m posting an excerpt here from “Violin Traveler”: Listen here.


~ by masonoise on February 28, 2009.

One Response to “Fumio Kosakai “The Warm Garden””

  1. You should post the whole album, its impossible to find.

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