Kumoma Jam Vol. 3


I forget where I picked up this cassette, as it was some time ago. Probably at Disc Union in Shinjuku, but who knows. It’s an interesting one, but certainly of its time, from when turntablism was just beginning to be the big thing in Japan’s indie scene. This was presumably the third cassette from Kumoma, given the title, and it does indeed sound like a somewhat free-form jam recorded and then put onto tape for release. Kumoma were just Synske on turntable, and Takuya on mix and effects. The tape’s quality certainly varies, from pretty tried-and-true jazzy beats to more interesting moments of atmospherics and occasional entertaining vocal samples thrown in. It’s not all great stuff, but it has its moments. I’ve never come across another mention of Kumoma, and after all this time it’s unlikely that the email address on the tape is still good…

I’ve excerpted a portion from side A which covers a bit of everything from beats to ambience: Listen here.


~ by masonoise on March 3, 2009.

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