Part Animal Machine


Another cassette that I picked up years back. This one might well have been from scouring the teetering stacks of cassettes in the corner of Modern Music. Thanks to recommendations from Ikeezumi-san, I got a lot of interesting stuff from there, including some (like Kadura and Onna-Kodomo) that led to releases on Charnel Music. However, noting that the label’s from Osaka, it’s equally likely that I acquired this at Time Bomb or someplace out there.

In any case, Part Animal Machine is a bit of an unknown, like so many of the cassettes that I’m digging up and posting about here. It’s three long tracks, recorded on 1997.08.31. There are four members listed including two drummers, though it’s unclear whether both drummers play on all three tracks or if the duties are split. Guitarist Doi-A is the most present of the quartet, with bassist Masa Bando and drummers Shin Nakamura and Sakiyama Kazu along for the ride. The title of track three on side B, “Machine Gun,” gives some indication of the style here, actually — freeform jamming with a fast-paced heavy approach, with perhaps a bit of excessive high-speed technique from Doi-A. It’s pretty good stuff though, even with the rough recording quality.

It’s unclear whether the title of the cassette is “Under the Sun” because that’s actually the label name, if I’m parsing the cover correctly. Looks to me like this is release 001 from Under The Sun, and the label’s run by bassist Bando. Either Under the Sun is also the name of the tape or it’s self-titled, take your pick. I’ve excerpted a segment from track two, “Part Machine”: Listen here.


~ by masonoise on March 3, 2009.

3 Responses to “Part Animal Machine”

  1. Looks like Inu-Yaroh. I helped them with a small US tour and released a couple things by them in 1999/2000. I believe they also have a self released CD, 7″ and split CDs with billy? and Vita-Verbum-Lux.
    Here is a video I found:

  2. I don’t think they’re the same group as Inu-Yaroh, though I’d have to double-check membership info. And I’m not sure if that’s what you meant or if you just thought they’re similar, which I can definitely see. I’ve got a few Inu-Yaroh items — good stuff.

  3. Its an early lineup. The two main guys go as Masa B.D. and Akihiro Do-it in later releases.

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