The Beautiful Poetic


This a very well put-together CDR, from the nice sleeve and artwork with included sticker and insert to the music: three pieces of primarily instrumental rock somewhat akin to Sonic Youth, Mono, and the like. Intricate twin guitars and strong rhythms are helped by very clear recordings. No titles are given, but when I put the CDR into my computer, CDDB did pull up information, calling this “Demo 07” and providing song titles. So I’ll use those here.

The first piece (“Below Zero”) is a sweeping, romantic yet fast-moving song dominated by guitars while the second song (“Mid Night Romance”) integrates piano with quick drum rolls and chiming guitar lines. It develops into a pretty heavy thing with thick guitar chords pounding away in sync with the drums and piano — very nice. The final song (“Space Mate”) finds a middle ground between the other two, moving from fast, heavy drums to quieter passages of crisp, melodic guitar lines and back. The band’s quite tight, and they move together into each change, and overall this is well-done work. I wouldn’t mind a little more potent energy — they seem to be almost too in-control, as if they’re holding back a bit.

For this CDR, the band was five people, but on their web site it looks as though the core trio is guitarist Kousuke Iwasaki, bassist Yoshihiko Kato, and drummer Shinji Yamada. Second guitar and singer Megumi Kishikawa, and keyboard player/singer Sayaka Yagyu, were perhaps just involved in the recording of these three songs. The band appear to be from Okayama, south of the Kansai area.

Check out more on The Beautiful Poetic at their web site here and on MySpace here.

Listen to “Mid Night Romance” by The Beautiful Poetic.


~ by masonoise on April 9, 2009.

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