Noizuwarcame “希望の水”

With references on the obi to Rallizes and LSD-March, and the mysterious cover picture, you’d figure on this being a psych-out album, and you’d be mostly right. It’s not a guitars-blazing Acid Mothers freakout by any means, though. Instead, it’s for the most part a laid-back, swirling affair — which isn’t to say that the trio don’t sometimes hit the accelerator and head off into the cosmos. They do at times, such as on the opening, title track (loosely translated as “Water of Hope”). Or “平和” (Peace), with an appropriately calm opening, abetted by violinist Chiako Okamoto, that explodes into some pretty out-there guitar-violin pyrotechnics.

Label boss Keizo Suhara plays bass with Noizuwarcame (yeah, I know that’s not quite the right pronunciation of the kana on the CD but that’s how they transliterate it on the cover), but it’s clearly songwriter Umemaru Chihiro on vocals and guitar who’s the centerpiece of the band. Single-named drummer Aiko fills out the trio.

Umemaru has clearly listened to his Gaseneta and Rallizes albums and learned their lessons, and this is good stuff, sloppy in the right places and aimed for the heart of the sun when it suits things. Garage rock, fuzzed-out bliss, and shadowy atmospherics all find their places here. There’s room for growth, to be sure, but fans of this sort of thing will know who they are, and you’ll want to search this out.

Listen to “Peace” by Noizuwarcame.


~ by masonoise on September 23, 2009.

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