20 Guilders

Well-known Tokyo troublemaker/scenesters Suzuki Junzo and Tabata Mitsuru have gotten together and created a dream-psych-folk duo called, for some reason, 20 Guilders. Based on simple guitar and folk, the songs are most often on the calm side, though with the occasional burst of fuzz breaking through.

Junzo will be known for his solo work — which this is very akin to — and his recent membership in the New Miminokoto. His adept guitar work and emotional vocals fit right into this format. Tabata, perhaps best-known for his roles in Zeni Geva and Acid Mothers Temple, may surprise listeners with his heartfelt singing and gentle playing here. His “Enban” is a simple strum with background lead guitar and soulful singing.

There are two 20 Guilders releases out now, with overlapping versions of some of the same songs. Their self-released CDR “Patricia” and the “Wrong Songs for Patricia” cassette (Sloow Tapes) contain the same songs for the most part, with a couple that aren’t shared. However, the versions of them all seem to be different enough that if you enjoy the songs, you may well want both. The cassette’s only available in an edition of 70 copies, by the way, and the song “Little Swallow-Hikari”, only on the tape, features synth added by AMT’s Hiroshi Higashi.

There’s more info and contact for 20 Guilders on their MySpace page.

Listen to “Shadows of Faded Wings” from the “Patricia” CDR.


~ by masonoise on October 7, 2009.

One Response to “20 Guilders”

  1. This is really good, thanks for posting… Suzuki Junzo rulez!

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