Various “Step on a Land Mine and Say Goodbye” tape

Something a little different here… In going through lots of old tapes, I came across this cassette compilation from 1994 (or 1993, depending on where you look). It was released by the fairly obscure BLUE-ist label, associated with the band of the same name, and then reissued by Vanilla Records a couple of years later. The title, translated to “Step on a Land Mine and Say Goodbye”, is “Jirai o Fundara Sayonara”. It’s a very cool compilation, with some recognizable names in several genres, which is one of the interesting things about it. There’s abstract jazziness from Tairikuotoko vs Sanmyakuonna (featuring Tatsuya Yoshida from the Ruins and Katsui Yuji from Rovo, among others); noise from Diesel Guitars and Yellow Cab, and some pretty out-there weirdness from a number of others.

Because this is from 15 years again and is so obscure, I can’t imagine anyone minding it if I posting the full cassette here. I’ve included scans of the cover and the interior, since the liner notes include the names of the members of the various bands. Obviously, if anyone does for some reason object to it being here, let me know and I’ll take it down immediately of course. Otherwise, everyone enjoy, and consider it a holiday/new year’s present from the blog!

NOTE: WordPress won’t let me upload a zip file, so this file is called “blue-ist005.pdf” — after you download it, rename the file to “.zip” instead.

Download “Jirai o Fundara Sayonara”


~ by masonoise on December 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “Various “Step on a Land Mine and Say Goodbye” tape”

  1. This is excellent! I’m always looking for more stuff by Dr. Numa / Sympathy Nervous. You’ve mentioned the Kansai group “NG” in posts before. Anything by them?

  2. Hmm, the group NG, or the album NG? There were two compilations, “NG” and “NG Live”, released by Trans Records in the 80s, which were amazing and essential, but I’m not recalling a group called NG. I’ll double-check in case my memory’s just being fuzzy though. Let me know any background you have on them, if so, as that might help me find something if it’s on a cassette comp hiding somewhere.

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