Bobos “Yumeko”

Last time I was over in Japan playing Numinous Eye shows, this crazy fun two-piece called Bobos opened for us in Kyoto, and I thought they were pretty cool: two women, both singing and playing bass, with a sampler behind them, and one also played accordion! And they did a cover of “Iron Man”! What’s not to like? They didn’t have any recordings with them, though I recorded their set.

Later on during the tour, we played an insane all-night show out in Tokyo’s Koiwa suburb, and there was a record store downstairs from the venue. So I spent some time looking through all of their CDRs, and what do you know, I stumbled on one from Bobos! 250 yen, had to have that of course. It’s an EP, 16 minutes long with seven tracks (though only 6 are listed on the tray card), released in 2006. As near as I can tell they haven’t released anything more recently, though who knows.

The first track, though it’s the title song, is just a short accordion intro that doesn’t prepare you for the fast drum-machine and bass of “Nana” — they switch between baby-like singing and grindcore growling, while the sampler throws down a breakneck toy-snare beat and they lay heavy bass over it all. Weird stuff, and very fun.

I was happy to find that their cover of “Iron Man” was on the CDR, with alternating little girl verses and growling choruses, accordion, and a blippy synth sequence playing out the oh-so-well-known riff. On “Gya!” they toss out a minute-long blast of hypercore, and “Hebi” (snake) takes thing slowly, with a skeletal beat and accordion drone.

Fun stuff, and I’d be interested to know whether the band are still playing or not — their web site as listed in the CDR is no longer active, unfortunately. I’ll have to ask some friends over there and see if there’s any news. For now, enjoy a couple of samples.

Listen to “Iron_Man” by Bobos.
Listen to “Nana” by Bobos.


~ by masonoise on December 28, 2009.

4 Responses to “Bobos “Yumeko””

  1. Hello!
    i love bands like this, and believe i have just found some new inspiration for my own band ^^
    their myspace page hasnt been logged on for over a year now, but ive found their website:
    thanks, i love your blog :3

  2. awesome, thanks mason! happy 2010, too!

  3. Mason apologies for being OT, but have you heard anything about Shizuka dying on February 2nd? Cannot find any info, just a couple of references. If this is tru I am so sad….she was an amazing artist. Did she ever get that doll book of hers finished? R.I.P.

  4. Regarding Shizuka, sadly it’s true. See my new post here:

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