Ongaku Otaku issue #1 PDF

For some reason I hadn’t stumbled across this until now, but I was pleased to find that someone has carefully scanned all of the first issue of my Ongaku Otaku magazine and packaged it as a nice PDF. The Shock Corridor blog posted this back at the end of 2008. Since the issue has been out of print for many years, I’m quite happy to find this and, in fact, want to post a copy of it here as well to make sure it remains available. It’s interesting looking through it again now, 15 years later. Quite a time capsule. Enjoy!

Download Ongaku Otaku #1


~ by masonoise on April 21, 2010.

3 Responses to “Ongaku Otaku issue #1 PDF”

  1. Thanks for this Mason!
    I feel bad that I never got around to buying a copy from you when I was emailing you last. I look forward to reading this one!
    Cheers, Jake.

  2. Mason,
    has the link been removed? I can’t seem to download it, and the SNAP preview doesn’t work.

    • I just checked it, and the link worked for me — the preview isn’t, but it seems as though it might just not preview PDF files. I was able to download the PDF from the link, so hopefully it’ll work for you as well. Enjoy!

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