High Rise “Tapes”

I would expect that High Rise needs little introduction to readers of this blog, but you never know. It’s been quite some time since High Rise were active, so it’s worth digging up some old evidence of their insane power.

Started in 1983, High Rise were the ultimate power trio. Named after the book by J.G. Ballard, a combination of Ballard’s dystopian views and a blend of punk and garage psych made the band one of the most freaked-out rock groups ever. Bassist/singer Nanjo Asahito was the idea man and the producer, responsible for the completely blown-out sound of the band’s recordings, which hit the red and stay there for every song (though others have sometimes taken or been given credit for the production style). Guitarist Munehiro Narita gave the band its overdriven, wah-crazy freakiness, and original drummer Euro kept things together and moving forward at high speed. Fans of Mainliner will clearly see the heritage, with the main difference being that of the differing styles Narita and Kawabata bring to the guitar side of things. Nanjo actually started Mainliner because he wanted to tour more and Narita wasn’t able to take the time, which is why the bands were similar propositions.

This cassette was the second release by High Rise, in 1984, although this copy is the 1996 reissue from Nanjo’s La Musica label. Most of the songs here were included on the band’s first proper release, High Rise II, from PSF Records, though a couple of them didn’t appear again until the CD reissue from Squealer. Given the various releases, bootlegs, and odd things put out by Nanjo on La Musica it’s hard to keep track of what appeared where and when. As with most things having to do with Nanjo, the facts are hard to separate from the rumors and legends.

Regardless, here’s a vintage piece of overdriven garage psych from 1984. Enjoy.

Listen to “Orange Desire” by High Rise.


~ by masonoise on April 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “High Rise “Tapes””

  1. Thanks, Mason! It still blows my mind that they were recording this kinda stuff in 1984.

  2. wow! I knew!! and have this band’s LP. 

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