About Ongakublog

This blog, written by Mason Jones, is dedicated to writing about independent and underground music from Japan. I’ve been in touch with musicians from Japan since the early 90s, setting up shows for them in the U.S., touring in Japan, and writing about the music. I published the print magazine Ongaku Otaku for a few years, contributed a section about Japanese noise artists to the book Japan Edge, and started this blog some time ago as a way of keeping up with what’s happening in the Japanese underground. In April 2008 the blog was moved to WordPress to make housekeeping easier, which is why a lot of entries are dated from that month. Generally I’ll include one track from a CD as a way of helping people find music that they’ll enjoy, but I won’t post complete albums except in very rare cases when I know that it’s long out of print or that the artists don’t mind. The occasional live show may appear with permission from the artists. Please don’t contact me asking for mp3s of a full album that’s been mentioned here — I realize that some things are very rare, but nonetheless I still don’t want to infringe on an artist’s ownership of their music.


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