A couple from Fujikake Masataka / Full Design Records

I thought maybe I’d try to write up some items while thinking of them, despite not having had time to devote to this blog in quite a while. I’ve been listening through some things, including a couple of cool releases from Full Design Records, run by drummer Fujikake Masataka. These were released in 2008.

ImageThe first is Yowamushi, a fantastic trio recording by Fujikake, bassist Hayakawa Takeharu, and guitarist Yamamoto Seiichi — the latter of whom should be quite familiar to readers of this blog as the former guitarist from the Boredoms, Omoide Hatoba, and more, and current guitarist with Rovo and many, many others. While the rhythm section is great here, I have to admit that my main enjoyment came from hearing Yamamoto in free-form guitar mode. This ends up feeling a bit similar to the best instrumental Zappa work, with some truly brilliant guitar zipping and zapping all over the place. Just great stuff.


On the other side of great guitar we find a duo between Fujikake on drums, and the infamous Haino Keiji on guitar, vocals, kantele, and shawm. The long album veers from barn-burning guitar heaviness to atmospheric vocalizations and wind instrumentation, with some oddly synthetic, pitch-shifted and mechanical guitar textures appearing here and there as well. Recorded in 2005, this has aspects of Fushitsusha to it, no question, but doesn’t approach that level of gripping tension, perhaps. It’s a different beast, with various faces to it.

Visit the Full Design web site for more info on these and other releases.


~ by masonoise on May 28, 2013.

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